Vaporizers Make a Comeback Due to the Pandemic: A Comprehensive Guide of What to Look For

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详情页1.jpgVape has recently become a more popular cannabis consumption method, especially during the pandemic where people are looking to take extra COVID-19 safety precautions. It's also proven to be easier on the lungs and faster for the body to absorb. As a result, high-quality vaporizers are increasingly in demand.

See from the Digital Journal what new technologies and features consumers are now looking for in the vapes they are buying, and what products from the CCELL portfolio are great for fulfilling customer's demands.

As the cannabis community continues to rise in popularity, so too does the number of ways you can consume this plant. From smoking, vaping, dabbing, and even eating—there are many ways to get that sweet green herb into your system! New technologies continue to emerge as well as new, innovative products that have been introduced to help make consuming cannabis safer, easier and more enjoyable. These products have made it easier than ever for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without any negative side effects. Read on to learn more about how vaporizers have recently become a more popular cannabis consumption method.

It has become more common in recent years for people to look for new alternatives to smoking cannabis during the COVID-19 pandemic because of its respiratory nature. Vaping, which is just as fast-acting as smoking, is much easier on the lungs and has become a great alternative for people looking to take extra COVID-19 safety precautions. Cannabis industry analytics firm Headset has found that vaporizer pens is the second most popular cannabis category, only behind flower. The market share for vapes has increased from 18.9% in April 2021 to 22.1% in April 2022. Below is a list of new features and qualities that consumers are now looking for in the vapes they are buying.


Materials that are resistant to high heat and more durable materials

Vaporizers are often made of stainless steel, ceramics, glass and even wood. Stainless steel provides some of the most desirable material qualities since it is resistant to high temperatures, and is more durable than glass, but consumers are looking for the additional safety measures of medical-grade 316L stainless steel specifically. This is because it is commonly used in medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment and food processing due to its excellent corrosion resistance and only the top vaporizer manufacturers are using it.

Also, though glass is a common material used in vaporizers and cartridges, especially portable ones that are meant to be taken on the go, vapes made with food-grade plastic can be more convenient because they won't easily break.

Advanced heating element technology

Vaporizers use a heating element which heats up the material (normally cannabis) to a certain temperature which releases aromatic compounds and cannabinoids that are found in cannabis. Vaporizers also use a cooling mechanism to regulate the temperature of the heating element. A cooling element is used to help cool down the heating element and make it less hot so that it doesn't burn the cannabis that's being used. Most vaporizers use a basic heating element technology, but some, like CCELL, use patented ceramic heating element technology that helps you have control over the regulation of the vape temperature. This specific temperature feature allows you to choose how hot you want the cannabis to be heated so that you can receive the specific flavors and potencies you want.


Longer battery life

For consumers who prefer vaporizers that don't operate on a plug-in power source, it's become increasingly important them to have a vaporizer with a longer battery life. Longer battery life means you won't have to charge your device as often, which, as the world begins to open up again, can be an inconvenience for people on the go. It's important to note that the battery life of a vaporizer is affected by how often the device is used, the temperature it is used at, and the device's overall power efficiency. For example, a device that has a high-power efficiency will last longer than a device with a lower power efficiency. It's also important to note that the battery life of a vaporizer is not an exact number but rather an estimate.

SKK 186 BATTERY PEN  (2).jpg

Built-in LED light indicators

Some vaporizers come with built-in LED light indicators. These are lights that indicate important information such as when the device is fully charged and ready to be used, when it needs to be charged, and when the device has reached its max temperature. These indicators can also be used to customize the device and add personal flair or help those with vision issues. For example, SKK's Disposable Pen handheld vaporizer is a no-button device, but it has an LED light indicator to tell you when you are breathing in enough to get a pull of cannabis vapor.



Vaporizers are quickly becoming the go-to for those who want to enjoy cannabis, but don't want the negative side effects associated with smoking. Many consumers are realizing that vaping can be a healthier and more efficient way to consume cannabis that releases cannabinoids and aromatic compounds without any of the harmful toxins or carcinogens associated with smoking. As vaporizers become more popular, manufacturers will have to continue to create them in a variety of different shapes and sizes and offer unique features that improve the safety and experience of vaping.

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